Day-old chicks

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Production of day-old chicks

The eggs that must be incubated, are collected from our propagators and are transported to the egg room in air-conditioned trucks. The eggs are then sprinkled to put them as clean as possible in the incubator. As such, we reduce the disease burden. Once in the incubator – max. storing capacity of 130,000 eggs – the eggs are turned around with max. 45 degrees every hour. By imitating the natural incubation process, we avoid chicks to grow against the egg shell.

After 18 days in the incubator, the eggs are automatically scanned and unfertilised eggs are removed. The fertilised eggs are taken to the chicken room where our machinery makes sure that all chicks come out at the same time. Once the chicks are born, the egg shells are removed and the chicks can start eating moistened fibres. This stimulates their gut development before shipment.

The chicks stay with us for 21 days and are then shipped. However, our service doesn’t stop here. Even after the sale, we are pleased to follow up the further growth of the chicks.

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