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Our day-old chicks, our asset

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  1. Full control: We monitor the process from A to Z so we control every link of the chain. Both the breeding of the dams as the reproduction is done under our full control. This is the only way to guarantee the best and most consistent quality.
  2. Specialised team: Our in-house vet vaccinates and treats all chickens. He is assisted by a team of experts.
  3. Balanced feed: Our dams are given balanced feed that gives them enough energy to lay a high-quality egg. Our power feed is composed by a quality team in collaboration with nutritionists.
Premium quality chicks

All links in the process are imitated as naturally as possible in order to supply equal, premium quality chicks.


Our premium quality eggs are shipped to Russia, Africa, the Middle East and other places abroad.

Luxurious vaccination schedule

Our vet applies three supplementary vaccinations: ORT vaccine, MS negative and the double coli vaccine. This way we try to protect our chickens in the best possible way.

Feed formula

Our power feed is composed by a quality team in collaboration with nutritionists.

Poultry specialists

Our experts go on site to verify if the living conditions of our chickens are perfect.


Our chicks are transported by air-conditioned trucks – both for short and long distances – in which the temperature is set to 31°C.

High-fibre crumbs

Before the chicks are shipped, they can fill their crop with moistened fibres which have a positive effect on the chick’s gut development.

Own dams

We pay full attention to the care of our dams. A good rearing is the basis of a successful laying period.

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