Animal welfare

Animal welfare

Dierenwelzijn Dokter

We manage our hatchery with a big heart for the animals. Our chickens are in a privileged position. We like to maintain the quality of our chicks as high as possible without it affecting their welfare. Therefore, we do everything we can to reduce the stress level of our chickens and chicks. A clear example hereof is the alternative to the traditional debeaking process that our hatchery applies as a pioneer. Of course our vet closely monitors the health of our animals.

"Moreover, we reduce possible health issues by applying the following 3 supplementary vaccinations to our chicks: the ORT vaccine, the MS negative and the double coli vaccine. All vaccines are applied in-house. A positive consequence of this luxurious vaccination schedule is the reduction of the antibiotics use. We want to offer strong chicks that are treated with great respect.”
says Dr. Kevin Baeten, vet.

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